The Book

Dear reader,
If you haven’t read the gospels frequently and carefully, but have relied on the clergy—reciting Jesus quotes from the pulpit—to get information about Jesus, the title of this book might be jarring. But if you have made study of the gospels part of your devotional practice, you will have come across Jesus saying that you probably wish he hadn’t said. Then you try to keep focused on the texts that tend to boost faith.

That doesn’t solve the big problem, however: there are far too many Jesus quotes that don’t reflect well on him at all. In this book you’ll find them sorted into ten chapters. Sad to say, there are far too many negatives about Jesus in full view in the gospels.

Of course, that’s not what we were taught in church, but it’s worth taking an honest look at what the gospel writers said about Jesus.

This book will help with that adventure.

David Madison